Our Story

We are a husband and wife duo who met one fateful night in Santa Monica and never looked back. Emily’s lifelong passion for cooking, Brady’s entrepreneurial mindset, and a desire to spend an almost abnormal amount of time together led to the dream of one day starting our own food business. But it wasn’t until the birth of our daughter, Holly, that we truly set forth to make our dream a reality.

We both held demanding positions that required long hours and regular travel. While neither of us were strangers to hard work, it became increasingly difficult to spend so much time away from our little family. We made the decision that if we were going to work so damn hard, we wanted to do it as a family, and we wanted to do something we were passionate about.

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In the Fall of 2016, we quit our day jobs, moved from LA to San Diego, and gave life to Razzy Ruca’s. We spent numerous hours developing recipes and determining what elements make up the perfect taco. There were still long hours and countless late nights, but they were all spent as a family, and we have never been happier.

Our goals are to bring people together through delicious food, never lose sight of what’s truly important, and serve tacos that are just as fun for our customers to eat as it was for us to create them. So, we invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy our handcrafted tacos.